Revolution Personal Training

Thank you for visiting Revolution Personal Training, located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona!

Think about what life would be like if you woke up embracing each day, feeling alive and grateful for the opportunity to live and breathe. Your body would do things you never dreamed it would do, and take you places you never dreamed you would go. You would eat delicious food to fuel your adventures, providing you with increased energy and vitality with every bite. Your mind would be clear and focused, allowing you to move forward confidently in the direction of your goals and dreams. Inspiration would flow by the minute!

If you’re ready to revolutionize your life, you’re in the right place. Use this website as a starting point for your transformation, rethinking what you thought you knew about diet and exercise. This is not about before and after pictures (although you may lose weight), and it’s not about being on a “diet” (although you may change the way you look at food). This is bigger than all of that. Start your own Revolution!

Our Vision

Create a fitness experience that will challenge physical and mental boundaries; teach strategies for wellness that will translate into a more balanced, active and fulfilled life; introduce and encourage the outdoors as a means of physical fitness and fun; incorporate real food for pure health and vitality.

Tara Alcantara - personal Trainer - Tucson